Jivotica: Reenvisioned

Hello and welcome to Jivotica.

Whether you are a long-time customer, partner or fan or have just now stumbled upon this site, I thank you for visiting. You have caught me in mid-leap. The previous site relied on a third party to make updates which was cumbersome and resulted in slow communication and general atrophy. Taking direct control will allow me to engage visitors personally and make changes as often as I want. So, here is the plan for Jivotica moving forward…

Jivotica.com will now take the form of a blog – equal parts inspiration, instruction and conversation. I will share my latest creations and how I make them, openly discuss the challenges I encounter as an artist in today’s world and the solutions I find, I will turn you on to other artists, techniques and tools I discover along the way and maintain an ongoing dialogue with all those interested.

Although the gallery will eventually showcase all my creations (both those currently for sale and those from the past), purchasing items will be done through Etsy via direct links from each available item. This too is a good fit for me and I hope it will serve my clients and partners better than my previous setup. Until the gallery section of this site is completed, you may access items for sale directly here: etsy.com/shop/Jivotica

I will also be expanding my social media presence so that you have more choices for receiving information about Jivotica.

So, thank you in advance for your patience as I make this transition. As always, I welcome your feedback and hope you will come back often.

~Aric Jorn


3 thoughts on “Jivotica: Reenvisioned

    1. The pleasure is all mine, Victoria. I thoroughly enjoyed your last post and will be keeping an eye on your blog. Apart from visual/performance art, I also write fiction (genre) myself and I find your posts inspiring.


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